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Cat Robinson

Blogging, SEO keyword-based writing, sales pitches, rewriting of articles and training materials, web copy and creative writing - if it's made with words it's made for me!

Instilled with a love of language from an early age, I enjoy bending my pen to different subjects, researching new topics and giving a touch of flair to every piece I write.



Engineering Lessons from Nature – Biomimicry in the Built Environment

There can be no better source of inspiration for today’s engineers, designers, and architects looking for more sustainable, intelligent and resilient ways of creating the built environment than Nature. After all, those designs have been perfected over millions of years, with only the most efficient and adaptable traits being passed on down the generations.

How to interview job candidates like a pro

While we all know the nerves that come with going for an important job interview, it can be just as intimidating when your turn comes to be the one asking the questions. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t ask, how to address potentially sensitive issues like salary expectations, and how to keep the interview on track so you get the information you really need while also getting a feel for the candidate’s personality isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Eight Bucket List Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime

Travelling is a bucket list experience in itself; but there are certain places that you should consider travelling to first because, well, they’re bucket list destinations! There’s nothing like exploring unknown parts of the world which are known to feed the soul unlike any other, and there is certainly nothing better than finding such a place that also speaks to you as an individual.

Dream destinations for the active family (sandboarding)

If you’re the kind of parent who likes to lead by example when it comes to being physically active, then you probably like to throw a bit of adventure and action into your holidays too. Often there’s no better way to really enjoy a new environment than getting out there – whether it’s via mountain bike, horseback, or just armed with your hiking boots!

How to Move your Career Forward in 2019

Another year ahead, and with-it new opportunities and a chance to move your career forward in 2019. There are thousands, if not more, people out there wanting to find work and applying for exactly the same job and career you are in. So, what can you do in order to be the successful candidate? One of the things that can put you ahead of the crowd is to stand out, be different and be prepared.

Uncomfortable truths about love - and what to do about them

Most of us are raised on ideas about love – whether it’s through the influence romantic movies, books and poetry, or the enduring image of the typical happy family and the marriage that can survive anything. In reality, life is never so simple. Divorce rates are climbing the world over and clinging to the idea of finding ‘The One’ can get in the way of seeing that person you can build a rewarding relationship with which allows both partners to grow over time.

How Common is Cosmetic Surgery?

No matter what the global economy seems to do, demand for plastic and cosmetic surgery is going up steadily year on year. And although the USA continues to be the biggest consumer of plastic surgery procedures worldwide, countries like Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico have also seen demand skyrocket.

How autonomous vehicles could change the future

Although they’ve been a staple of science fiction novels for decades, it looks like self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles are slowly (or maybe not that slowly!) becoming a reality. Here’s how self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles (AVs) could change the future of transport forever. One of the most obvious benefits of AVs is the possibility for reduced emissions as compared with their human-operated counterparts.

Sustainable architecture in South Africa

From schools and affordable housing, luxury resorts and ecotourism facilities, to student accommodation and engineering solutions for large scale power producers and the mining sector, we take a look at some of South Africa’s most inspiring sustainable architectural and engineering projects. Architect Luyanda Mpahlwa’s innovative 10×10 Sandbag Houses were created in an effort to provide affordable and dignified housing for residents of the Mitchell’s Plain township informal settlement, Freedom Park, where shelters made from scrap material and corrugated metal are commonplace.

Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a lot on their plate and trying to accomplish a lot with limited resources and personnel remains one of their biggest challenges. Optimizing how you and your staff manage your most precious resource of all – time – can make a massive difference. By working smarter instead of harder, you can make sure you’re devoting time to the tasks that will most benefit your business, while still getting those non-core admin functions out of the way.

Getting started with SEO for your small business

As a small business owner, you likely already understand that SEO or search engine optimization is all about drawing the right kind of visitors to your website. In order to do this, your website needs to ‘speak the search engine language’, while also delivering a rewarding and engaging experience for your human readers.

Here are a few search engine optimization tips for startups

When you’re the owner of a small business or startup, you’re juggling so many different responsibilities that staying on top of the latest digital marketing strategies is probably not high up on your list of priorities. And that’s a shame – because solid search engine optimization practices that boost your organic traffic can keep bringing in new customers for free indefinitely, unlike once-off marketing campaigns that may see your revenues spike only to fall back down once you stop pouring money into them.


Cat Robinson

Born and bred in South Africa with an English teacher for a mom, a love of words and language was instilled in me from a very early age!

I enjoy taking on the challenge of new subjects and research, and see each new topic as an opportunity to learn and educate my readers at the same time.

My interests include sustainability, renewable energy and nutrition, although I have written on a diverse range of subjects from clothing to barcode technology to vegan cooking!

I live by the seaside on the balmy Indian ocean coast of KwaZulu Natal with my three cats and slowly developing organic vegetable garden.



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